Delete Unisphere Logs

I was getting below event in my VNX 5300 System Alerts.And it was something like logs are getting full.So have to delete it.

Severity : Critical
System : VNXFILE-CS0
Domain : Local
Created : Mar 18, 2015 2:03:01 AM
Message : dskMon[17374]: FS /dev/mapper/emc_vg_lun_5-emc_lv_nas_var_emcsupport mounted on /nbsnas/var/emcsupport filling up (at 91%, max = 90%).
Full Description : The specified feature detected a potential space capacity issue for the specified device name and mount point. This issue may need the attention of the system administrator.
Recommended Action : Verify that the mount point’s condition has reached cautionary levels. Identify whether there is any free space available, and if it can be returned to the mount point. For example, remove unnecessary files or move areas of this mount point onto other, less full mount points on the system. If you cannot reduce the space consumption on this mount point, you might want to expand the mount point to gain additional space. Contact your Authorized Service Provider if you need assistance.
Event Code : 0x1260180018

To fix this…

1. ssh/telnet into the pirmary control station as nasadmin or root. We will be creating a file for the user nasadmin.

2. Change directory to the /nas/log/webui directory. This directory rsync’s with another log directory in /nbsnas

[nasadmin@CS0 /]# cd/nas/log/webui

3. Delete all alert_log files. I would suggest using tar to back them up first.

[nasadmin@CS0 /]# rm alert_log*

4. Recreate the alert_log file and apply the approriate ownership/permissions

[nasadmin@CS0 /]# touch alert_log

[nasadmin@CS0 /]# chmod 664 alert_log

[nasadmin@CS0 /]# chown nasadmin:nasadmin alert_log