SQL Database Mirroring Steps

1. Delete if any endpoint exist for mirroring from principal and Mirror server
a. Select endpoint
i. SELECT * FROM sys.tcp_endpoints
b. Delete Endpoint
i. Drop endpoint <endpoint name>
2. Create Firewall rule
a. Principal database server
i. Create outbound rule for that particular port
1. Rule type: Port
2. Protocol type: TCP, Specific remote port: <Port number>
3. All The connection
4. Enable all (Domain, private, public)
5. Name the rule.
ii. Create Inbound rule for that particular port
b. Mirror database server
i. Inbound Rule
ii. Outbound Rule
3. Create endpoint in both server
4. All port number must be same and confirm that no any port is in use.
5. Set recovery model to Full in principal database
a. Property – > option -> Recovery model -> Full.
6. Generate full backup from Principal database.
7. Restore database from backup in Mirror server.
a. Make sure that database name and path will be same.
8. Create mirror from principal database
a. Principal database -> property -> mirror -> Configure security -> next -> Service account (Leave it blank). -> start mirr


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