Windows PowerShell ISE v3.0

Here you can see the whole application, and you will notice the command bar off to the right. This command bar has some nice features that will let you access commands from the various modules that are available on your machine very easily.


Here is a close-up of the command bar showing some of the modules that are available by default.

There are some buttons across the bottom Run, Insert, Copy and Hide. When you select a command from the list above and click Run the command is run and the output is displayed in the output pane. If you have a command selected and click Insert, that command is inserted into either the script pane or the command pane. Finally a selected command can be copied to the clipboard, or you can hide this bar altogether.
Once a command is selected an additional button appears [?] with the command selected clicking this displays the help in a separate window that is not modal, but sits on top of everything. The screenshot below shows you the command bar with all the buttons clicked.

Auto-complete for many things in PowerShell have been around for a while, but if you miss the Intellisense features from like Visual Studio, it’s now available within ISE, both in the script pane and the command pane. I know this can be really helpful as I’m used to using get-member to get a lot of this information as I’m working on a script.


Outlines! I really missed this feature when I moved from Notepad++ to PowerShell ISE. But in the following screenshot you can see that you now have collapsible outlines in PowerShell ISE, as well as something like code highlighting. You can see I have one of my functions collapsed, and have left the Process section of the code expanded. In the function below you can see that the help section of the function is highlighted. You can’t see my mouse from this screenshot but it’s hanging out in the border near line 66 where the help section begins.


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